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News from the Telesian:e-Business Division
August 2001
While industry analysts may not agree on the exact numbers, e-commerce is growing at an incredible pace. Yes, the economy is a bit stagnant at the moment, but businesses are still being run and purchases are still being made. An increasing number of these purchases are made online. Gartner Group reports that e­commerce sales in 2000 hit $403 billion! The best part is
that not all these sales are books through or travel arrangements through Expedia! Online sales of industrial equipment, instruments, and electrical equipment are showing incredible growth rates ­up to 44% between
2000 and 2005!

Online Direct Sales ($M) 1999 2000 2001 2005 CAG(00-05)

-Communications $1,281 $2,272 $3,840 $12,523 40.7%
-Industrial Equipment $1,030 $1,583 $2,319 $4,878 25.2%
-Instruments $ 464 $ 857 $1,487 $5,303 44.0%
-Electrical Equipment $ 508 $ 798 $1,204 $2,789 28.4%

(source: Direct Marketing Association)

Even if your customers don¹t actually place the final order through your Web site, a large proportion of today¹s purchases are heavily influenced by what engineers, scientists, manufacturing professionals, and IT managers learn
online. Make sure your corporate site is content rich and well-designed.

News from the Telesian:Marketing Division
We¹ve seen some incredible results lately from a variety of e-marketing programs. A recent e-news mailing we sent for an industrial controls
manufacturer generated a phenomenal 42% return rate! The best use for e-marketing is to drive traffic to your Web site (which should be the focus of most of your marketing programs). The best methods are a mix of traditional and electronic. In order of effectiveness, they include:

1. Mention URL and highlight content areas in all company lit, business cards, catalogs

2. E-mail highlights of interesting site content to in-house lists

3. Sponsor industry pubs e-news (paid ads in e-mails produced by magazine publishers and associations)

4. Search engine positioning. A number 1 ranking on Altavista or Google is invaluable! Check out Telesian¹s new Search Engine Optimization program at

5. Online PR ­ a growing number of editors prefer e-mail; many of the computer and business magazine editors will ONLY take e-PR as they no longer respond to voice mail or paper communications

6. Send traditional direct mail to in-house lists.­ 4-color postcards are effective and low-cost.

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