Request DF1 and DH485 information


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Carlos A. Rios Jr.

Actually I´m doing a study about SLC500 comunication using DF1 protocol. I just obtain any information that I get of AB site, but just some command functions are describe on the manual. I´ll like that somebody contac me to give any help me about this and others informations about DH485 DH+ and DF1 protocol, etc...
Thank´s and I wait for contacts.
I am trying to do the same thing, are you having any luck after reading the recommended .pdf?
These are proprietory protocols of Allen-Bradly.
1.DH485 is nothing but HARDWARE RS485 with max of 19200 baud rate and 32 devices can sit on the network. The protocol is proprietory to
Allen-Bradley. Typicaly found in SLC500 networking
2.DH+ is proprietory Hardware and protocol of Allen-Bradley supporting 64 devices and typical baud rate of 64K,115K and 230K max with distance
3.DF1 is purely a protocol and has nothing to do with Hardware.
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