Request for Guidance - Single Integrator Issues


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Jeremy Pollard

Good day to all. I am a single integrator that has been looking after a large customer for 20 years+. They have built a new building that has been organized by a single company. The Exec VP stated that she wanted only one throat to grab when and if something went wrong or screwed up.

The mtce mgr wants his guys to be able to look after the building after the warranty and extended warranty runs out.

I am trying to project myself as a resource to their business for the time where warranty is in place in order to prepare the mtce staff for the tasks at hand when the OEM's leave.

The building employs AGV's conveyors (PLC's) robots (Servos and drives) communication busses as well a myriad of 'things' that the existing staff is unfamiliar with - like totally.

I am looking for words or phrases that will grab the attention of the exec VP to allow her to see and understand the value of an informed resource for this building long after the OEM's have departed.

The OEM's will do training on their systems but what is that worth? No one will give the company the 5000 foot level understanding of the systems in place. It is not a cookie cutter application meaning that not just anyone can get the jist of how things work.

Any guidance, words, phrases, or experiences would be much appreciated from our distinguished group of professionals.. thank you all in advance!

Cheers from: Jeremy Pollard, CET The Caring Canuckian!
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