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Abd Wahab Ishari bin Mohd Hashim

Dear Sir,
I am a lecturer in an university. Next semester I will teaching the final year subject Industrial Control. I would like to expose my students to
actual industrial products and case studies.

The subject includes:
1. Introduction to Automation
2. Programmable Logic Controller
3. Process Control
4. CNC
5. Distributed Control and Direct Digital Controller

I would be grateful if anyone could suggest where I can get teaching materials. The materials could be hardware, software (books, articles,
tranparencies, CDROM, presentation, application note, case studies, catalogs etc). If I can get animation/movies of of control products in
action, that would be nice.

Yours sincerely
Abd Wahab Ishari Mohd Hashim
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Diana C Bouchard

Someone mentioned In particular, the book "Fundamentals of Industrial Control", edited by C. Albert and D. Coggan, might interest you. The edition now for sale dates from 1992, but if you can wait a little, a revised edition is due out late this year.

Diana Bouchard

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