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Pep Fuertes

Dear list friends,

I'm looking for a descriptive document on the PID Functional Block as seen not only by the standard, but by the Process Control users and developers. I will appreciate if someone can
point me where to find such document.
Josep M. Fuertes

There is a pretty good description on PID function blocks in the Siemens 'Simatic S7 Standard Control User Manual', prod. no
For the basic PID algorithms, their variations and tuning, see Chapter 1 in the Process Control volume of the Instrument Engineers' Handbook

Bela Liptak
Read me in Engineering practice (True PID).
The Bailey functional block FC 156 & FC 157 are both PID. Some functional description is added. It's not enough to satisfy the curious one. But in addition to Siemens above it might help. FC 156 is quite advanced in strategy.
Read some decent book on numerical maths about the derivative. You will see why soon.
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