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Wilfredo G

Dear Sirs:

I am developing an application in which we need to acquire information for the managerial level.

There are several zones of the plant that possess a 5000-point Citect license. There are other zones of the plant where we need to acquire data and it is enough with a 1500- point Citect license.

The question is the following:
Should all the licenses have to be 5000-point in order to acquire data for the managerial level?

Thanks for your helps

Ernesto A. Alfonso Matos
Automation Engineer
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Tanweer Ahmed

Hi Matos,

It is not necessary to have all the licenses for 5000-points Citect license. The license to purchase depends on the maximum number of points you wish to configure at a particular HMI station.


Tanweer Ahmed
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You should post this one to the Citect users list at [email protected] - its a great resource.

It doesn't completely answer your question, but in case you weren't aware, Citect Manager licenses only come as 5,000 points or 150,000 points.

Mike Ryan
Aerojet Fine Chemicals
The IO_Server part of Citect does not seem to care how many points a Licence has - it only looks to see that a Licence exists. A Trend_Server, Alarm_Server, Report_Server, or Display_Node does count IO points & checks with the Licence_Point_Count.

The result is that you could have CitectComputer#1 on a network that is an
IO_Server & Display_Node with a 1500 point licence, this display node can only access 1500 points - this is the TOTAL IO from all IODevices anywhere on the network. CitectComputer#2 on the same network can have a 5000 point licence, and read 3000 points from the IODevice attached to CitectComputer#1 and 2000 points from another IODevice.

The trade-off is that your system will be more difficult to maintain, as you would need to run different Project databases for each area of the plant.


Phil McKay
Silvan, Vic, Australia
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Gary Hoskins

I would think your CiTect Distributor would be the proper source for the information you are asking about. In most cases the manufacturer's allow for different tag sizes to accommodate such a scenario. I am quite familiar with Wonderware's Intouch 7.0 and our Distributor (Insource Software Solutions) has many options and solutions to meet these types of Scenario's.

Gary Hoskins, Jacksonville Florida