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just before leaving for France, Rick posted a suggested list of topics on which we should agree. Since Simon has just come back, I figure I should start off discussion on the Shared Memory Manager part first.

Some of these points we have already hashed out, others we haven't. The point of this is to come to an agreement on these and write it down.

Section 2 Shared Memory
2.1 Allocation
2.2 Access
2.3 Name Assignment
2.4 Coherency
2.5 Protection
2.5.1 Read
2.5.2 Write (forcing)
2.5.3 None
2.6 Initialization
2.7 Persistence
2.8 Data Types
2.9 Type Conversion

(Feel free to add to the list.)

BTW, if there aren't any objections, I'll be putting Rick's document into the CVS - doc/Requirements or doc/Design, I suppose. I'll wait until there's something of substance, though.

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