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Alan Li

Hi. I'm a student currently enrolled at the University of Waterloo and I am working for Honeywell Middle East right now as a work term. As for my work term report, I have decided to do an Evaluation of the Experion PKS system with comparison between other systems (Yokogawa Centum cs3000, Emersion Delta V, Siemens , etc...)

I would really like some opinions regarding the pros and cons of each, how each would operate in differing environments (or to be specific, since the project I am working on is closely related to ADCO, an environment to do with the oil and gas industry), and on the cost efficiencies of each. You do not have to be too detailed (also makes it easier for me to understand :) ), and a few disadvantages and advantages will suffice.

I will reference your opinions in my final report, if you want to be cited.

DeltaV: Very user friendly, bit costly, user interface is borrowed from iFix.

Seimens: They don't have true DCS even if they claim so. PCS7 is nothing but combination of WinCC and S7 400.

CS 3000 : Can get work done. Software is primitive. No VBA implemented.