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Subin P Nair

I have applied for research and I am asked to choose a research project in the areas of either control engineering or signal processing. So I would like to get suggestions and informations from experienced people working in these particular fields.
Can you please provide more details on what organization/company you applied, the purpose of this research, etc. You can contact me directly.
Dr. Igor Boiko
Consulting in Control is available
(including modeling, simulations and control design)
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Try to investigate about digital relaying protections algorithms. The digital relay are not more than a tight integrated DAC and Computer that monitor the currents and voltages of a power machine like a big induction motor or a power
transmission line and performs fault detection and isolation.

Think in this: when a electrical fault (short circuits p.e.) occurs in a power systems the voltage and currents, like all waves, carry a lot of information about the perturbation. The digital protection device usually has a DSP and a
microcontroler. It use the DSP to perform the algorithms to extract from the signals the information about the fault, then use that information as input to the trip logic functions or interlocking schema (maybe performed by the
microcontroler). This functions decide the way the fault will be treated. Also the digital protection must coordinate itself with other protection devices in the power system in order to isolate only the faulted equipment.

I am in early stages to build a simple digital multifunction line protection. I am a beginner this area but i can tell you that there is a lot things to do. The last word in power systems protection has not been said yet.

Think also in this: a electric power system is a very big plant that generate, transport, distribute and consume energy. It can be controlled and protected by a very automated devices like many process plants.

I hope that the above paragraphs will help you as a motivation.

Luis Rios
Try fuzzy logic control for superheated steam temperature on large coal fired utility boilers.