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I am current working an Robot project with DC-Motors and Resolver(KEARFOTT SYNCRO RESOLVER BRUSHLESS):
Stator input 2Phase 12 Volt
Rotor output 1 Phase 6 Volt
2500 Hz.

I need more info about this resolver and wiring example on PLC.

Thanks in advance.

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The basics are:

The two stator phases are driven by sine and cosine signals. This ceates a magnetic field that rotates at the excitation frequency. The single rotor phase signal is also a "sine" wave but is phase shifted from the excitation linearly with the position of the rotor. Often the excitation is synthesized from a digital counter and the output phase shift is determined by the count at which the output signal crosses zero voltage.

Thanks for your help.
Do I need external SIN and COS Signals for stator?

Thanks in advance.
The other (vs posted by Sreid) resolver's configuration accepted for moderrn servo motor manufacturers - one stator winding (activated by external exitation sine signal) and two rotor(sine and cosine) windings. But using Resolver-to-Encoder interface is better way for PLC. For example see such product from Elmo (