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Nicholas Bunn

I am currently conducting a research project that compares various protocols as part of one of my university modules. I have been looking into response times, and I am struggling to find concrete information on this with regards to OPC UA.

Is there anyone who would able to give me any information on the response time of Modbus TCP/IP (ballpark figure), or any related data -- transaction rate, signal delay, etc.? The two main protocols I am looking into and comparing are OPC UA and Modbus TCP/IP. So if there is anyone who has had experience with both of these and would be able to shed some light on the comparative response times, it would be greatly appreciated.

I've been told that the response times depend on the server, network and amount of data - so I'm not sure if exact values will be able to be given. But if anyone has used both on similar projects and can comment on their findings/experience it would be greatly appreciated.

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if you are concerned about network delays at all, then you need to consider alternative signal transmission methods.

Server capacities and rates are just the tip of the ice berg.
You can always test the connection by ping/reply testing, but you'll have to do more than a one time test!