Restaurant Automation Help (240v Warmers / Relays / Lights)


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I am looking to automate our restaurant line so equipment comes on and off at appropriate times and eliminate human error.

Equipment Includes:
* Vertical Toaster (120v / 1550w)
* (2) Warmers (240v/2400w each)
* Crisp Hold (240v/16amps)
* Coldwell (120v)
* Hood Fans on Relay/Contactor
* Outdoor Lights on Relay/Contactor

I am planning to get this done with Z-wave switches and Smart Things hub. My concern is getting something to work reliably enough.

I can either use zwave switches to activate contactors (one zwave switch per zone) which is likely best option for the higher power equipment or run directly through multiple switches. Concern with using all z-wave switches is if the zwave switch fails the equipment will be down until bypassed. I would expect contactors to be more reliable for handling high amperage and a bypass switch could easily be added which would close all contactors.

Please help in providing input from your experience.

Thank you!