Restriction on running ActiveX Elements on RSView32 ADS


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I have been developing ActiveX Controls which read from a SQL server using OLEDB and then writes into RSView32 Tags and supposed to run on the RSView32 Active Display System Client.I used VB6.0. I tried some basic operation through the ActiveX and was successful. But last few days I incorporated many modifications because of which the control is not visible (could not get to test it till now). I looked through the RS documents/manuals and also resources I found that the ADS does not support list boxes modified in runtime. But even after removing this, the control is not functional.(all other basic checks are done..check for dependencies, registration etc). I suspect it is because of some graphical/database controls which I have added. Can anybody tell me what are the Windows Controls that can run and cannot run on the ADS? The RS Documentation only speaks of list boxes.