Restriction Orifice Thickness Calculation/Formula and Source Standard


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I want to know the formula to calculate Restriction Orifice Thickness. I found on the internet this one:
"Minimum RO thickness SQRT [(0,681-0,651*Beta)*deltaP/Y] * pipeID"

it says it is according to R.W. Miller, but I could not find it in the Flow Measurement Handbook Miller 3rd Edition.

Can anybody help me with this matter? Which is the formula and the source (book and chapter or a Standard)?

All stress calcualtions should be done by a qualified mechanical engineer, it is simple enough. One of the more serious issues however, is that thin-plate orifice plates are commonly used to perform the R.O. calculation partly because that is their firma standard practice. That is not always adequate and in fact can lead to major operational difficulties.

At a minimum you should start with a mechanical engineering handbook.