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Patrick Lafont

Hello, I'm looking for the best way to retrieve data from a CNC to a PC (by data, I mean "is the machine tool working ?" and such simple things) in order to develop an application which would use it. I've already learned that in the most common cases there is first a converter, from the cnc protocol to a standard bus (that I don't know for the moment), and then, a second converter, from the bus to the PC. My questions are : - Is it correct ? If not, what are the other possibilities ? - What kind of bus should I use ?

Prianggada I Tanaya

Hello Mr. Lafont, What type of CNC controller do you have? I've an experience to tap data (control and monitoring) Philips CNC432 controller. I used LSV/2 communication protocol. Such protocol is also available for several types of FANUC controller. I connect the CNC simply by using RS232 with a PC. Using LSV/2 protocol, or any protocol that functions similarly, you could not only retrieving machine status (for example, cutter position, cutter number, program execution line, ... etc.), but you could also start/stop the machine execution from remote. To do this, I built, let say DNC program, using C++ programming language. The program is thread-based. I hope this give you some idea. Best regard ++ pit ++

Curt Wuollet

Hi I am doing this with discrete IO. There should be in-cycle, fault, door open, etc. signals available. This is much easier than all that protocol conversion, Usually the ladder logic on the CNC can be modified to provide the signals that aren't already there. I use a ComputerBoards CIO-DIO48 card in the PC and a card design that I just donated to the LPLC project for 24 V levels. The cards comes with software for DOS and Windows, I believe. I haven't used that as I run only Linux for reliability reasons. Mail me if you want details Regards cww

Wolfgang Burchert

Hallo Mr. I Tanaya,

I'm looking for Information about the LSV/2 protocol. I only found your Answer. Can you give me some Information about this protocol too?
My adress is "[email protected]"

thanks a lot