Retrieving AB SLC 5/05 program/ladder diagram?


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Andrew Burden

The system of interest is a coal-fired boiler used for heating the UofL campus. The control system uses the RSView and RSLink professional edition software, however we do not have direct access to the control schemes inside the AB SLC-5/04. I was wondering if there is a way to view the ladder diagrams or control programming without having to purchase RSLogix500 or PLC-500 AI series software?
there is no free way. you have just found all the hints that say you are not supposed to be in there. if you have resolved that issue.. to optimise your expenses perhaps you could consider investing in a programmer that can connect to multiple processors(no recommendation). if you would understand the program even if you had it.. you should based on the systems opts and environment be able to guess whats in the code. hints lie in the type of processor(and os(may have upgrade)), and what modules are added to it. see rockwell and allen bradely site(s), and search the knowledge base. p.s. even if you get the rslogix, there stands a good chance that the symbols library is not stored in the system.... you may have the documentation lying around somewhere, and you may try asking the designer for it.

darcy oldfield

There is a program called RSLADDER product #9361-ladder. This program is used to monitor the Ladder program, it does not allow you to change the program though. It is an activeX program which is suppose to work well with IE and RSVIEW.
Your best bet may be to contact the control systems manufacturer/designers. The symbol/label/comment documentation is not stored within the plc, this resides in the project file created when the plc is programmed. Perhaps they could provide a hard copy for you.