Reverse Osmosis Process

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Dear List,

Where should I look for technical references regarding the Reverse Osmosis Process ?

Many Thanks Before


Gerald Beaudoin

There is a company in St. Georges de Beauce in Quebec, Canada......Les Equipments Darveau....... that specialises in RO systems designed for the maple syrup industry. I hear that they are one of the leaders in the field around here.

Good Luck

Gerald Beaudoin,
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Most membrane manufacturers have good web-sites. Search for Filmtec, Fluid Systems or Koch, Hydraunautics and Osmonics. Osmonics in particular have a very good site.

The IDA (International Desalting Association) also has a good site.

Arthur Tua

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Install Copernic 2000 as an Internet engine. Type 'reverse osmosis' and watch for the pile to come down.