Rexa Actuators on Fuel gas valve for GE7FA?


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Has anyone used a Rexa actuator on an IGV or fuel gas valve on a frame 7FA?

I am looking for solutions to eliminate servo trip and these types of valves and modifications on the 7FA with LTSA.

There are non-hydraulic gas control valve & IGV actuator solutions on the market. Your evaluation should consider if the manufacturer had been approved to GE's rigorous functional and performance specifications. Often OEM design specifications do not capture 100% of the real-world application traits, so also look for a manufacturer that is experienced enough to have identified and designed for the application while meeting the OEM's specification.

There were only three manufacturers approved for the 7F; Y&F, Moog, and Woodward. Y&F has a few hundred EMA valve actuators running in the field on various turbines including GE DLN models. Their most recent iteration is a true "plug & play" that does not require control system modifications, they brought a PM valve and EIGV to the 7F users group last month.

Good Luck.
We are a service center 35 years for the control valves of all three GE base lined OEMs for the 7FA combustion units, ie Y&F, Moog and Woodward. There are many reasons for trips, mostly they are due to fluid contamination and varnishing in the servo controlloop. See our contaminations control video @ Obtain a password from your account specialist. My first post, so I'm not sure what is allowed here.