RF Vacuum Transmitter


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John Schaffer

I am looking for a compact sensor to measure vacuum in multiple "Rotating" chambers. I have 10 chambers 18X12X8 that rotate around a center pivot. Vacuum is pulled on each chamber. I would like to measure the vacuum depth while the machine runs. Has anyone ran across a device that would work?

Sztrancsik Csaba

I've seen a similar device on a coffee packaging line. It is italian made, I can reach it, probably the docs, too. I'll visit this coffee packaging facility (Sara-Lee) on the next week, and look for details, if you email me that it is needed seriously. regards, csaba AtySoft Ltd., * TEL: (+36 1) 316 3251 * FAX: (+36 1) 212 0250 Measurement * Industrial control * Intelligent hardware design Design & Dev * Software development * Power supplies, DC/DC conv.