RGB color codes and IFix object Property window


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Ritesh Patil

I am using Intellution IFix pakage, and inprocess of designing an utility.
I need a relation btw. the RGB codes and the big number we get in Properties of object. When i see under Animation window for Foreground color it says (255,255,255) for white color and same color when assigned to an Rect for e.g. and when we check in properties of that object we get a big number. I need to know from where this big number gets generated and also let me know whats the relation btw. these types of indicating a number.
You can get more information on www.munsell.com orat "www.datastic.com":http://www.datastic.com on this.

You can also down load Munsell color convertion program or colorcop v 5 (both freeware)and see how the numbers change color. I think it R G B information in 8 bits each expressed as a number. The above programs I use to choose to find color matching to suit customer requirements in a different standard.

Hope this helps
The big number you are seeing is a decimal representation of a hex number. The (255,255,255) you see is (FFFFFF) in hex. When that number gets converted back to a single decimal number it is pretty much useless. There should be some way to change how you see that number in the properties box.