Robotic arm simulation and analysis using matlab.....?

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Ferry Christian

hi.. i'm a college student majoring control engineering, currently working on project for my final assignment which is robotic arm simulation and analysis using matlab... in the project i want to make a software that has GUI, in which there are simulation and coordinate analysis of the robotic arm movement of :

1. PUMA 'progrmmable Universal Manipulator for Assembly'
2. SCARA 'Selective Compliant Articulated Robot for Assembly'
3. Costumizeable arm manipulator, where i can choose/select robot arm
that has 2/3 link planar, and/or spherical wrist

... unfortunetly, i have little experiences in the realization .. so i really hope anyone can give me information, where to start, tutorials , comments , critics? ...any input/s are welcome ^_^

Best regards,
Ferry Christian

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Leo Palacios Garcia

I think that the first thing you should do is the Kinematics Analysis of each robot arm involved in your project using transformation matrices.
For the Dynamics Analysis you need to develop the dynamic equations (maybe you can simplify your design, for example, you may suppose that the masses are concentrated at the end of each link). With those dynamic equations you will be able to construct your state equation, which represents the system. In MatLab can simulate the state equation using block logic, which is very empirical to program.

Leo Palacios Garcia
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manjunah k.b.

I am an automobile student & I want to do the project on robotic arm simulation and analysis using matlab so please send me some more informaton about the same.