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i m new in electronic. i have to make robotic arm with 3 axis using stepper motor and visual basic software. i have a problem to interfacing the motor to the pc, the controller,the driver that will use. i really need your advice and your experience to solve the problem..i really appreciate your help about that..its nice if u can reply me as soon as possible.tq



Hi,I do with old qbasic.Easy to interface.Read the port to store the inputs image.write logic. Out the byte if you using LPT.You must design a I/O driver board to hold the bit for each scan,it receive inputs from machine to your controller(PC) and outs byte from PC to peripherals.....

OK....what positioning encoder you are using.

Good Luck

William Sturm

Try Galil DMC or Delta Tau PMAC, both have multi axis stepper control capabilities and Visual Basic libraries. The Delta Tau is more difficult to learn, but it has inverse kinematics for robotic movements.

Michael Griffin

I've referenced the following article several times this year for previous
similar questions.


It describes controlling stepper motors using the parallel port of a PC. It
includes circuit diagrams as well as 'C' source for the device driver and an
example program. The article is intended to describe the basics of
controlling motors for student robotics projects.
you can use galil's motion controll system with servo or stepper motor. They will give you complete set with motor, driver and nacessary dll and ocx to use in VB. I hope this is enough for your master mind. bye

Omkar Desai
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