ROC 800 via Radio, Polling Intervals. DeltaV, Autosol, OPC mirror.


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Hello All

Little history and background of my problem. I have 7 - ROC800's communicating VIA Ethernet Radio Towers. All these wells are with in about 15km radius to the plant. We have Autosol Enterprise Server allowing us to convert history and real time data into a Excel database. Also using DeltaV OPC mirror to pipe each point into a DCS system. DeltaV Version 11.

Now all I want to do is find where I can change the polling times. There is logic built in the DeltaV that is suppose to allow me to change the intervals from the DCS HMI. However with no success... I found polling interval tabs in the software both in the DCS and AutoSol. So I systematically changed each setting and then literally used a stop watch to see if the polling intervals changed, with no success.

Is there a polling feature to push the data from the ROC800? I need to find where to change the polling intervals in this system...

I hope someone out there knows,

Nate Bergeron

Hi, I'm not sure if you resolved this or not, but with Autosol AES, open up the device settings and go to the polling tab. Set up the required intervals you need. Then when you set up your OPC tags, included the interval required for that variable ie.


The <i2> references that you want to poll with interval 2. <i3> would be interval 3 etc. If you leave it empty, it defaults to <i1>

I hope this helps.