Rockwell RSView and Popup Issues in W7


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I have a strange problem i have encountered on several computers on the network

we use software from Rockwell called RSView for viewing stats and info from the production computers on site from the offices.

when this software is installed on a windows 7 machine however it causes a weird bug that means popup windows in internet explorer (or any web browser for that matter) do not open when the link is clicked in the original window.

this is a massive frustration as a lot of our internal network data sharing is webfronted using popups, so managers can either see what the production computers are doing or keep their popups.

i have tried rockwell but they simply state windows 7 isn't supported, which is a total cop out and no help to anyone, so i don't know if anyone has any experience of these issues at all and how to sort them?

it also seems to have a weird effect on skype, allowing the phone call window to popup and video to work fine but the sound from the other caller is not audible. microphone works fine the other way so they can here us, but not vice versa?!

thanks in advance for any advice/experiences


Carl Withers

Google w2kfgndlocktimeout.exe. There is a registry key in Windows 2000 that had to be set to zero to prevent this. This fix also is necessary in WinXP, so maybe it applies to Windows 7 too.