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Mike Weickert

I would like to move activations from one computer to another via the internet. We currently have multiple licenses for most RSLogix software but at times we would like to move an application from one computer and send it via the internet to a technician on a job site without an activation file. Even with 8 licenses we find ourselves having to evmove it to a disk and Fed Exing the disk. Rockwell says that although it is possible in theory to do this there are specific restraints such as RAID used on our network servers. Any insight would be welcome.
We have often send RS software (ie. Logix, Linx, RSView etc) activations via email. To do so we use and old dos program called "DISKDUPE" which can create an image of the disk (I would imaging GHOST would do the same, but haven't tried). You can then send the image file and the DISKDUPE program via email which can then be converted back from the image file to a new disk.

I know a way to do it but I can't ensure you that it is OK under Rockwell's
copyright. Unless you use this to actually use more than your 8
activations simultaneously, they probably will look the other way.

Make a ghost image of the disk, email it, and restore it on the other
end. Ghost, Disk Factory, and other similar utilities will not corrupt the
copy protection on the disk. In fact, it allows you to create as many
perfect copies of any disk you want. Don't abuse it or they'll find a way
that's even more difficult to adapt to the real world.

Of course, this is the case with everything isn't it? I just read on
Slashdot that a company has patented a method of encoding CD's that would
fool typical PC's into corrupting the data if you try to copy or rip
it. They have found that if they corrupt it with large square wave's, they
can even penalize you for your violation by destroying your speakers, and
maybe your amp. Cool !? Wrong !? I give it a few weeks and you'll be
able to download utilities to defeat it.
I use a program called WinImage which is shareware and available online. WinImage will also allow you to create a self extracting image of the floppy. I travel alot and keep a backup copy available in case I have to re-install Windows for the umpteenth time!