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i want to use rockwell automation software on linux operating system. will it work fine.

James Ingraham


I really wanted to leave it at that, brevity being the soul of wit and all. However, my compulsion to over-analyze kicked in. There are a very large number of depencecies that will fail. I'd be surprised if the install even completed. WINE is targeted more at very widely used applications and games, and industrial software just isn't big enough to warrant any attention. Especially given the level of difficulty invovled.

You could run an instance of Windows in Virtual Box (or similar) on Linux. Then you get to keep your system Linux based. But you will still need a Windows license, and you'll have to do any Rockwell Software work in the Widows VM.

-James Ingraham
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curt wuollet

James has chided me. I should amend that to perhaps someday. And I wouldn't bet my life on the virtual box. But many PLCs will eventually run Linux, like the majority of new embedded projects. At that point it would make sense to simplify. But, it's hard to quit the Redmond gang. Once a partner, always a partner.


Daniel Uhrin

simple solution is to use vmware or virtualbox. however rockwell software will not run natively on linux.
you are talking about software that is designed for Windows. There are a lot of dependencies from the OS.

There may be 3rd party modules that may run on Linux. For example we use TuxEip in our for communicating with Ethernet/IP.