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Nick Shepherd

I have a number of sites with which I can gain access via a modem link using RSLinx. I have a lot of complains because people struggle to configure RSLinx prior to starting the SCADA package. Is it possible to automate the configuration of RSLinx, ie baud rate, checksum, phone number. If so I can then allow operators to select a site from a drop down box, for example, establish a connection to the remote PLC and then launch the SCADA aplication.
RSlinx comes with a Backup/Restore utility. Just Backup each site configuration to a (*.rsx) file and then Restore it from the file when needed.

- mjv
Rslinx has a backup / restore function. The restore function can set up rslinx exactly as it was when backed up. You can possible launch the restore application from a batch file or a script or your Vb app.

You will find the resore application in the same directory as Rslinx

Ps let us know how you get on

Nick Shepherd


sorry for long delay in response - been working away. Sounds like a plan & I shall give it a go, but how would I subsequently automate the closing of a connection to a PLC, so that I ensure the operator does not leave RSLinx permenantly connected to a remote site via a telephone line

Nick Shepherd