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Jiri Baum

Jansen, Joe:
> > As a side note, and DEFINITELY NOT to say ANYTHING about submitted
> > items, but just as a method of volunteering, I have done technical
> > documentation for automation systems for 9 years.

Curt Wuollet:
> Can you put that and the other particulars in our "rogues gallery" ?
> Documentation is a crucial skill that all projects need.

I think I'm asleep at the wheel again --- I'm the maintainer for the `rogues gallery', as Curt called it.

The idea is to have one central file with:
- everyone's name and contact details (e-mail, WWW)
- who's doing what part of the project
- who's done what part of the project (ie, Credits)
- what background people are coming from
- anything else people want to put in there
- blue eyes, brown eyes :)

You can put yourself in, or send the details to me and I'll do it.

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