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Hi folks

I was wondering if any one here has any experience with the old Ronan x96 densitometer transmitters. it is a new installation and this device is field powered, connected to a detector that it receives it's signal from. so the problem were having is that there is no mA signal being sent from the transmitter. right now the techs are telling me that we have an over-range error, and that the tx should be outputting a constant 20 mA but we are at 0 mA

any advice thanks
Hi there,

In a lot of instruments you have the option to configure the error output. In other words you can set the output to give a constant 4mA if a error occur or you can set it to give a constant 20mA if a error occur, or even 3,5 and 22mA. Check this out first to see if there is a configuration like this.

This will not solve your problem but will enable you to set the output to 20mA if a error occurs in the future if that is what you want it to do.

The fact that you have a over range error might have something to do with the "empty clamp" configuration.

The X96 uses a mechanism called the "empty clamp" to protect detectors from saturation conditions. Check out the setup in the manual and make sure the limits are set wider than what you want the calibration to be.

Also check the "Detector Fault Menu"
The Detector Fault menu is used to configure a window in which the detector counts must fall within, in order to complete a reference/calibration.

I assume you have done a calibration already since one needs to be done as soon as the detector is installed for the first time.
If not take samples from the process to the lab to get a average density since you need that to do a single point calibration. The detectors are normally supplied with a generic factory default calibration and you need to set it up for your own application, unless you have asked the supplier to do the calibration for you. Even then I would still recommend you do a calibration based on the lab tests.

It could be a faulty power supply. The 4-20 comes off of the "B" terminal, pins 1-2 and pins 3-4. Measure across pins 1-2 on the "B" terminal and you should have 24vdc. For further help, Contact Ronan Field Service at 859-342-8500.