rosemount 1151 4-20 signal issues

Hey guys, after some ideas on a fault finding situation I have with a dp pressures tx

in simple I have a signal output from the transmitter, 8mA which is proportional to the pressure being put on it but I get a zero reading on the scada display of the transmitter
I have checked and tried-
Confirmed all wiring
Checked fuse
Checked voltage 24v
Checked all impulse lines and valves open
Checked polarity
After any ideas and opinions on what I could have wrong (thinking it could be a simple thing I’ve just over looked) a zero and span Calc has been done on it a month ago apparently and a fuse was blown

If you have confirmed the 8mA signal by putting a milliampmeter in series with the loop wiring, then the transmitter is doing its job properly because, as you say, the 8mA is proportional to the pressure. There’s sufficient voltage and the fuse is good.

The issue is at the receiver end, either

A) the I/O,- the polarity of the wiring (what’s the liklihood of someone having wired it backwards?),
- the the analog input module performance
- input channel configuration

B) The means of getting the value to SCADA, whatever comm protocol is used

C) SCADA itself, its configuration

Connect a 4-20mA simulator/calibrator signal source to the AI input to confirm that the problem is at the receiver end.