Rosemount 3202 Hydrostatic level system : Looking for More Spare Parts


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Good Day

we are trying to replace the housing for this instrument: (D)/Manual Documents/Level/3202_ManRevB.pdf

It is an old but valid system to measure tank level.

Our main issue is the communication. Sometimes the 3201 doesn't work because it cant communicate to main unit 3402 (pls see link page 5)

We always solve the problem when replace the housing with new one
but we have no spare parts at moment and we don't know if does exist an equivalent housing

It is ATEX EXi double sided

Somebody can help me to buy new solution (I mean new enclosure/housing)?

or somebody knows how repair the old one?

any experience about Rosemount hydrostatic level system?

thanks so much for any help
Mr Peterson took the words out of my mouth. I can't begin to imagine how a cast aluminum housing could affect an electronic module with no moving parts.

It is far more likely that the action of moving the printed circuit board set from one enclosure to another restores connector or wiring connections that have either loosened from temperature cycling or vibration, or had become slightly oxidized over time.

But it has to be merely coincidence that a change of housings makes the device operational, unless you meant that you have replaced the entire failed 3202 module with a working one to get the system working after failure.

I suggest that you remove and replace (jiggle, pull off/push on) all the connectors and unscrew and re-tighten the terminal wiring and see if that doesn't bring the 3202 back on-line.

The recent article, "Assisted Living for your aged DCS" on Pages 62-65 of the November 2014 issue of the trade journal Control Engineering (on-line) is well worth the read, substituting 'HTG' for each and every time the term 'DCS' appears.

The article covers exactly your dilemma in maintaining old instrumentation.

The current URL
is likely to change over time because the article is the current issue, but an archive of previous issues is easily accessible.
To the best of my knowledge, a housing like Adalet sells is just that, a housing.

If there are epoxy encapsulated components in the 3202, those components were installed by Rosemount or whomever made the 3202 for Rosemount.

If you buy a housing, that's all you get - a painted, machined, die cast housing with (maybe) an o-ring on the screw cover and a riveted stainless tag with the approvals stamped on it . I think even threaded plugs for unused threaded ports are optional.

If anyone else knows different, please correct me.

All that said to explain that I really don't think substituting a housing is going to bring back the communications or the processing that the 3203 does.

Lydia Miller

You really should check with Rosemount Service group to see if they can offer any assistance. Sometimes they have the ability to fix units. Not sure how it works with ones that are obsolete, though. But definitely check with them.

Lydia Miller

I am not sure that this product is actually obsolete or not as I am not that familiar with it. I guess I was assuming since you were not looking to replace.