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Arturo Arevalo

Hi, I need to connect three PanelViews 550 with RS-232 communications to a ControlLogix using Ethernet. I think that maybe I could use three RS-232 to Ethernet converters so that the ControlLogix can control the PanelViews but I dont know any vendor of this kind of equipment. If any of you know of someone who can help me with this application or if you have a better idea of how to solve this problem it would be appreciated.

I think that what you mean is RS-232, Modbus and for that you can network all 3 serial devices together then just use one serial to Ethernet Bridge. You might want to try a web site called for the Bridge.

Robert McDonald

Many manufacturers make Ethernet-RS232 device servers, Moxa is one. However not sure that will help you since RS232 panelview wont talk Ethernet/IP as far as I know. So controllogix wont be able to control them.

Robert McDonald

Derrick Stableford


I have used some Westermo ED-10 TCP units on a project with a 5000 tag SCADA, they have been very reliable and straight forward to set up, with some top notch tech support-All important.

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Omega makes industrial RS232 to Ethernet converters. Never tried it with PanelViews, but you might want to check it out.

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Arrg - I've just seen a dozen STUPID responses to your request. I guess your subject line is too generic.

Your PanelView will be talking DF1. ControlLogix only supports Ethernet/IP on Ethernet. You need something to map EIP to DF1. No common garden-variety "RS-232 to Ethernet" device from B-n-B, Black Box, Moxa, Lantronix, or any other firm will work. Even the good suggestion to use 4 units and the ControlLogix serial port would ONLY work if the units could do destination IP selection based on DF1 DST bytes (ie: was DF1 aware).

Rockwell's ENI can be used. ControlLogix MSG blocks can be used to read/write the Panel View using connected or unconnected PLC5/SLC500 style commands. I'm sure has a nice Knowledge Base article on this topic.

Our DigiOne IAP (formerly IA RealPort) can be used. ControlLogix MSG blocks can be used to read/write the Panel View using *unconnected* PLC5/SLC500 style commands. Our current firmware doesn't support connected messaging, but that will be updated within the next month.

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