rs-232 serial driven "led annunciator panel"


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Warren Postma

Our application area is emergency power (gensets) and switchgear.

We have some engine and generator status data which is obtained via a custom serial protocol from our engine and generator controller devices which are already reading into our RTU product. The product only has 8 outputs right now, and we need to drive 20 status lights as well. We do have some RS-232 serial ports available which could drive remote io (such as a Opto-22 Snap
Brain, or any Modbus capable device), however it would be nicer to get an intelligent "LED annunciator panel" with an RS-232 port.

So what I want to know is, has anyone ever seen such an Annunciator Panel, preferably it can be addressed as a Modbus RTU Slave? A custom protocol would be fine also, as we can program a new protocol into our RTU product a lot easier than we can change it's current local digital and analog I/O population.

If it were possible, we would use an LCD OIT DISPLAY, but the customer definitely wants an Annunciator panel. I have found one example at but I am searching for others as well.

Warren Postma
ZTR Control Systems
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