RS 422 communication


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Aniruddha Joshi

I have a Mitsubishi make PLC with A2AS CPU.
I want to interface this PLC with computer.As PLC is having interfacing UC24 card.UC24 card is
used in no-protocol or open protocol mode.
UC24 card supporting only Rs 422 mode.
Then how can i connect this UC24 card to com port
of computer. As i have already developed software for it in VB 6.0.
Basically i want to share data between PLC and
Pl HELP!!!



Jake Thompson

Try using the FX-pc-if box. You can wire it for rs-422 or 485 and it gives you rs-232c for your computer.
good luck
Jake thompson

Pravin Fatnani

Can either use a 232 to 422 converter (to convert PC's 232 port to 422 port) OR have a 422 add-on card in PC.

Pravin Fatnani/ CAT/ Indore/ India

Sari Rantawi

could you please send me the cable pin out to connect the PLC to the PC ( for Mitsubishi PLC's )