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Can anyone give me some help about the standard protocols for use on an
RS-485 based network. I have developed an 32 Units Network with half
duplex comm., but don't know any protocol for use with it.

Assuming you want a protocol which any potential customer would not
object to - ie: widest possible sales, then just use Modbus/RTU.

Modbus is NOT perfect, but it is easy to do and 99% of all
non-proprietary computer applications can easily talk to it. See the
spec at .

If you want something which allow simple peer-to-peer messages, then
Allen-Bradley's DF1 (see half-duplex allows a master device
to poll slaves and also move messages between slaves. It is also widely
used by computer applications, but a little more complicated to do.

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Hello Gustavo,

You could basically use any protocol you wish over the EIA-485 physical layer. However, Modbus is a very common protocol used over 485 and the protocol specification is in the public domain.


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