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I'm looking a RS-485 to Optic Fiber converter.
I've a Series A Mitsubishi PLC's connected via RS-485 and I need to convert this bus to a optic fiber.

Thanks in advance

Michael Little

You may want to look at Omega ( 1-800-826-6342). They have a couple of serial to fiber converters. Most are RS232 to fiber, but they
have a RS232/422 to fiber converter.
Dear David,

Try Hirschmann. They deliver good and reliable rs485 to fiber converters.

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Try Hirschmann. They have a product, the OZD 485, which converts any RS485 communications to Fiber optic. We have already tested this device with Allen Bradley DH+ and Remote I/O, which might as well work also with your plc.

Hope this helps.

Bong Monta