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Richard Nelson

Anyone know of alternatives to using RSLinx for PLC/SLC commo via DH+ or Ethernet? I used to use the AB KT SDK back in the day to power a DOS based application. I would like to write another program (prob Java) that would do same, but can't find anything other than RS Linx SDK. While this would work fine, I would be tied to using a copy of RS Linx OEM for EACH INSTALLATION! Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Regards, R Nelson
Companies such as Automated Solutions and Cimquest (Ingear32) both make royalty free Active X controls for A-B PLC's. Not too useful for Java, but if you use VB, VC, or Delphi... I have used Ingear32 and it worked very well. Bill Sturm
DF1 allows access to most AB file types, it is relatively easy to program in VB, C and I assume in JAVA(I don't know JAVA). The protocol reference manual is available online at publication 1770-6.5.16.