RS Linx Lite and Serial DB9


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Stephen Bennett

Greetings List: Can RS Linx Lite communicate via 9 pin serial / Win9X PC to AB PLC 5 / X Processors? Or do I require have a 485 Converter, or a higher platform converter? Thanks: Stephen Bennett Kawasaki Robotics (USA), Inc.
It depends on the particular PLC5, but most of the modern ones have a 25 pin RS-232 port which is also called a DF1 port. The enhanced models such as the 5/11, 5/20, 5/40, 5/60, and 5/80 have this. The 5/15, 5/25... only use Data Highway to program, which requires an expensive converter. Bill Sturm

Juan De los Santos Naumov

Yes it is possible. Just use the traditional cross connect cable and let the RSlinx find the right configuration. The default for the PLC-5 is 1200 bps, NP, 1stop bit, bcc.
Yes Rslinx lite will work. Just choose the rs232-df1 driver in Rslinx. Select the appropriate com port, and the DEVICE as PLC-CH0. Leave the rest and use the Auto-Configure button to verify that your cable connection is valid. Typically the baud rate to CH0 , unless it was altered already, is either 2400 or 1200 baud. Regards Kevin Culp Systek Automated Controls Windsor Ontario