RS Logic


Vasile Cioaca

Hi. Tell me what you need.I am doing automation for RSLogix5. I can create for you an application to write logic without knowing how to program. All what you need to know is how to build the job.
Write me an e-mail with more details.

Vasile Cioaca
[email protected]
I have a Allen-Bradley (SLC 500 Programmable Controller) but i need cables and software.
I don't know what to do with it yet
There are two ways to get ahold of the software and the cable to program. But before spending the money for the needed items, you need to make sure your computer can program the processor. The first and most important item is do you have a com port on the computer. if not you are looking at needing rslogix 500, the programming cable, and a usb adapter. Depending on how much you are needing to do with the processor you have, you will have to choose the correct software. if you are doing standard programming and not needing to save data, then you can go with the starter software. Then you will need to get the programming cable for this which depending on the processor will depend on how you connect from your computer to the plc. The SLC 500 is a great plc for someone who has the software and all the items needed to program, but if you are just starting out Allen Bradley has a couple others to look at. Either the Micrologix or the Pico controller. The Micrologix comes in a starter Package with everything you need to program it (rslogix 500 starter, programming cable, instruction book, and test switch) The Pico is a low end PLC that the the cable cost but the program can be downloaded off of This might be more information than you need, but it is a couple of ways to go.