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I am studying plc systems and applications at TAFE college and would like to get a hold of this software to improve my knowledge of this software. I would really appreciate if anyone could help me get a copy of this software or a cd-key. Thank you
If you need to purchase RSLogix software, you can browse the Rockwell Software website for specific information. They can also direct you to a local sales rep. (

If you are requesting an "activation file" (software key), this is a security feature that allows only the registered user to run the software. We (registered users) cannot provide you with an activation file because it is illegal and we would lose the ability to run our own RSLogix packages. If your University already owns RSLogix but has lost the activation disk/file, then Rockwell Software can provide you with a replacement.

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I have the RS Logix 500 software for Allen-Bradley PLC'S.

I have on my plant the master disk for enabled
the software.

In my home, i want to use this software for perfect the work of the day.

Do you have a solution for bypass the master keydisk ??

Thank you.

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looking for it also

Hi my name is Teo, and i am looking for this software also. Please tell me if you found it, where can i find it also.
We own the RSLOGIX 500 start edition here at our company. I use it everyday almost. I only have one activation for it and use it on two computers.

RSLOGIX allows for the transfer of the activation key onto a computer so that the floppy is no longer needed to run the software on that platform.

The floppy itself I then use on my laptop out in the plant to run RSLOGIX.

Can this floppy be duplicated? Probably, but then if caught, my plant and myself would be SOL so it isn't worth the risk to any registered user to share his or her activation key with anyone.
You can search e-bay for the software. I was just on there and seen 2 action listings for the software.