RS LOGIX 500 Dev code in database?


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In Rslogix 500 in the database under the address/symbol editor there is a column called dev code. This contains entries such as 2kncr, 2knol, 2nnom, 2knor.

What are these? They look like device descriptions used by a CAD/ CAE package for wiring elements e.g. switches, pushbuttons. Am I guessing correctly? Can someone explain how these are used? Is there a list of what they are?




The Device Codes originally came from a DOS program called Wiring Logistics, that generated wire labels. They are still used by RSLadder and RSWire, and could be used by other software since it's just a field in the database, but if you aren't coming from that direction, I suggest you just ignore them. The definitions come from the external software, not from RSLogix500, which simply supports them in the Address/Symbol database.

By default, there is no entry in that field. It might be interesting for you to find out what software your application was using when those fields were filled in. The definitions should be there.

Hope this helps!

Larry Lawver
Rexel / Central Florida