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I am working on a project using RS Logix V.8.02.00. We have several programmers developing code offline. Does anyone have a method of merging code? The main problem being the controller scope tags that are being developed by each programmer.
Try using program scope tags. This allows common code to be duplicated without making address changes. Have the different programmers work on
different modules or common code pieces and then put them together. Any code being written by multiple programmers requires structure,
standards, and conventions to create clean, consistent code.

C. Thomas Wiesen
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George Robertson

Just keep in mind that some of the products, such as the PanelViews, can only read controller scoped tags. Locally scoped tags will have to be
copied to and from controller scoped tags to read and write with some operator interfaces.

I presume that RSVIEW supports the full namaing convention of Process and Control Logix, but haven't personnally tried it.

Obviously, I have personnally tried the PanelViews.

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Anthony Kerstens

1. Open copies of each separate program.
2. Cut and paste logic files.
3. Cut and paste their associated tags.
4. Validate.
and, if you like,
5. Use a central spreadsheet to create tag import files.

It's really very easy in controllogix.

Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.