RS Logix Simulation Driver..Does it exist?


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Does anyone know if a Sim Driver exists for RS Logix ... if not does anyone know where I could find out how to make one.

I would like to go online with RS Logix without a PLC.

Does anyone know of any books or resources that could help out?
Use the RSLogix 5800 softlogix controller. Its actually pretty cheap, around $700.00, so it's very competitive with the SLC500 simulator,
but its not a simulator, but a full soft PLC.
There is a progam to EMULATE a SLC; you you will have to turn on your own I/O manually, of course.
I haven't tried it but I asked the same question to my AB rep over a year ago.
As far as a driver to plug RS500 without any separate software ... I haven't heard of it.

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use RSemulate 5 or RSemulate 500, it's the best PLC soft there is, can't see any difference with the real CPU, it works over RSlinx, so you
can also simulate any SCADA soft coupled via RSLINX


There are emulators available for both the PLC5 and the SLC. They are available from Rockwell Software for xxx bucks. I am not sure if anything is available for ControlLogix (they probably call it SoftLogix).

The emulators are quite good but don't necessarily support all functions. It is years since I have looked at them.

Their names? RSEmulate and RSEmulate 500 of course.

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RSEmulate is a product that is included with RSLogix Professional (PLC5) Emulates the processor
No other solutions that I am aware of

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There is are two emulators if thats what your after. RSEmulate500 and RSEmulate5, which are SLC5 and PLC5 emulators. See Rockwell if this is what you want.
RSLogix 5 Emulate and RSLogix 500 Emulate.

I use them for all of my projects. They simulate a PLC for HMI testing code testing etc......a must have for AB programming and testing.

Let me know I can usually get RSI cheaper than [email protected]