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c Shekhar

We have installed RS View 32 and Rs Linx in our PC. It was activated via internet and then taken to place of use. If the PC crashes how can I take back the activation.

Moreover is there a way I can keep a back up of activation. If i uninstall and then reinstall RS View 32 and Linx again will again activation will be required.

(we live far from internet and use windows XP SP1 PC)

bob peterson

You might have been better off using the dongle option if there is no Internet access.

AB is pretty good about helping you out in these kind of cases. Just call tech support.
I am a little concerned about the level of XP you are using. It is pretty ancient and that by itself could become an issue.


Jeremy Pollard

Clone the hard drive:) that's is your backup

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The clone is the best option. I would take a serious look at converting to the RSView SE version. It works really well and we just converted a system to that.