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We have a check weigher in which we have RS 232 port. We want to collect the weight of each bags which is passing through the checkweigher thro' that port. can you suggest some solution.

VG Karthikeyan.

Nilesh Pradhan

What is the system that you are using for collecting that information ?
If you are using a PC with Windows 95 or greater then, connect it to the serial port of your computer and use some program like hyper-terminal to talk to the serial port.
Connection pins will be given in the manual of the check weigher.
If not, use the standard RS-232 communication
signals, RX, TX and ground ( reference )
You will have to set the baud rate to match the one available in the check weigher.
It should not be very difficult, though I agree that it is frustrating when it doesn't communicate.
Hi there! You can also monitor your system using an OPCServer. You can have an RS232 OPCServer for free on some websites but for a limited time only (meaning, it will time out within an hour or so). Software toolbox is one. The only problem here I think is the addresses of your weighing system (if you don't have the manual). You need to input the actual addresses inside your weighing system. You can actually change the values here if it is a read/write value. If you can view what you want using the Telnet or Hyperlink, then that's good

Elipse Support

This is actually a 2 part issue:
1)How to get the information from the check weigher.
2)What to do with the data after you get it

I can tell you how this can be achieved using Elipse Software's HMI/SCADA software.

1) Elipse SCADA (the software package) comes with a 'Generic ASCII' driver that will allow you to configure & connect to a PC's serial port. Once connected, you can send or receive data from the device (the check weigher). Most manufacturers for devices like this will often include the communications protocol in the product manual. Once the protocol is known, the important information can be pulled out of the received message.

2) Once the information is available, it can be displayed on the screen as a number, or in a trend (line graph) and datalogged to a file or made available to another application on the PC.

Best of luck !!!

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The manufacturer of the check weigher probably has a piece of software that communicates with the device via a com port and allows you to collect the data using standard pc's. I'm assuming that you want to expand this utility to gather the information remotely. If this is the case, there is a company by the name of MOXA "":
that has a device called the NPort express. Basically it is local to the check weigher and has 2 connections. One is a serial connection to the check weigher and the other is an RJ45 connections to an ethernet LAN. A remote PC, anywhere on the LAN, can be configured so that the check weigher appears as a local COM port. The data gathering utility is installed on the remote PC and gathers the information as if it were sitting next to the check weigher. The LAN is transparent to the PC-check weigher connection.

If you want any further information feel to drop me a line.

Erich Mertz [email protected]
You need several things:

1 cable
2 PC
3 communication software
4 need to know the device protocol (weight meters language) and parameter set up of the device (weight meter)
5 trail and error configuration

The communication software usually will indicate how to set up a simple installation for what you need