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John Rewcastle

I am trying to connect a Serial Bar Code Scanner to a PLC5 through Ethernet. I have looked at the DIGI ONE IA REALPORT that says it does AB Ethernet. Has anyone successfully attached a RS232 Device to a PLC5 over ethernet?

Lynn August Linse

If your bar-code scanner speaks DF1, this will work with the DigiOne IA RealPort. You would need to use a MSG block on the PLC to query your bar-code scanner. The Digi would allow use of either the older AB/Ethernet protocol (port 2222) or the newer Ethernet/IP (perhaps called 'multi-hop message' in the MSG block).

If your bar-code scanner DOES NOT speak DF1, you likely need to use 2 products to just tunnel the bar-code scanner to a spare RS-232 port on the PLC5

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We use a lot of SLC5/05's and have had good luck integrating in serial (DF1) devices through the Ethernet Port. We use Allen-Bradley's ENI Module.

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