Rs232-Rs485 Converter

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Can anyone send me information about these converters. Can I build my own converter?

John Rowland, Vigilant Technologies

Yes, the general answer is that you can make your own. Start by looking at data sheets and application notes for the RS-485 integrated circuit components. Check the Maxim web site and the Linear Technology web site, both have published app notes on this subject.

Alex Pavloff

You might be able to build your own.

However, it would probably be a better use of your time to pick up a prebuilt one. I've used B&B Electronic's convertors ( with good luck. They've got a very wide range of convertors available.
I don't think building a converter is an option since you can buy RS-232 to RS-485 boxes reletively cheap. I use them at work to talk directly from a PC to a long bank of power supplies with no problems. I'll get the make and model and the supplier info for you tomorrow.

Steve C.

Jose Castellon

I suggest you that use a internet browser and put RS232 converter or RS485 converter or RS232 to RS485 converter, I'm sure that you can find enough
information and vendors of this product.

And yes you can build your own converter with two chips, some capacitors and resistance. For the chips try Maxim

Jose Castellon

suresh narayanan

hi mr.jose.c this is suresh narayanan from india, i want help. sub: internet connection via cordect wll tech i want to use rs232 cable for 40 mtrs distance can u help please if u have any idea please ....mail thankyou regards suresh narayanan [email protected]
I need a PCI PC card of Rs232-Rs485 Converter without external Power Supply. Can you help? Thanks, Shlomo

Daniel Tsuruda

This maybe a little late in responding, but could be useful to some others. One of our techs showed me this trick which he uses in the field when he needs to talk to an RS485 device to his computer and he doesn't have access to an RS232/RS485 converter. Simply wire as following: RS232 XMIT to RS485 RX- RS232 RCVD to RS485 TX- I believe the only caveats are that it is point to point only and slew rate comes into effect if the cable is too long. Daniel Tsuruda
You can view the datasheet of SN75176 from Texas Instuments. Or Max485 from Maxim.
Then you can make an RS232 to RS485 converter using them.