I have an Allen Bradley SLC 5/03 CPU on 7 slot chassis the CPU communicates on rs 232 and i want to communicate with other devices on an Ethernet network using switches, is there a way to convert rs232 to Ethernet? thanks
Phoenix Contact has a set of Protocol Converters that convert Serial (i.e. RS 232) to EtherNet/IP. Just visit the Phoenix Contact web site and enter GW EIP/ASCII . . in the search bar. You will see 4 choices depending on the number of RS-232 devices you have to connect, and the number of EtherNet/IP ports (1 or 2) you wish to use. To prepare yourself better in selecting a module, you can read the Manual found in the Download section of our website before making your choice.
As an example, the GW EIP/ASCII 2E/2DB9 - part number 2702774 - has two DB-9 ports and 2 Ethernet/IP ports.