RS232 to RS485 Converter????


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I need to convert RS232 to RS485, someone has any idea how is the cable??
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Duncan E. Walters

You have two different voltages for RS-485 and RS-232C. You will need to utilize a converter. Check out Black Box Company for their products. It's always a good start for communications products. Good Luck

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murali mohan

RS485 is based differential signals where as
RS232 is not. Hence You cannot directly connect
the two with just a cable. You need a converter.
These converters are available in the market of the shelf. It is a simple device with one or two
ICs. Can even make one your self

Gannel Leonid

You might use standard converter ADAM-4520 from Advantech,

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A simple cable will not allow you to convert from RS-232 to RS-485, since the respective voltage and hardware standards are quite different.

Grayhill (available from Newark in the US and Canada) has their model 72-CNV-4 and 72-CNV-5 for about $ 110.00.

I actually use one I picked up from a local computer outlet for about $ 45.00.

Best regards, Bob
>Depending on your application, Black Box tends to range in the upper price range. I suggest you look at B&B Electronics for a variety of Communications Interface devices.