RS232 VS EIA232


Vivanco Fernando

Ricardo, RS232 and EIA232 is exactly the same, in fact RS means Recommended Standard and EIA is the nomenclature of ANSI and IEEE.
> Is there any difference between RS232 and EIA232 <

Yes and No.

EIA is the group who defined it and they now desire "credit" by asking you refer to the RS-232 standard as EIA/RS-232E (for example).

But it often imples a subtle difference (I hope).

When I say RS-232 (or see others say it), I think this means the general family of things claiming to be EIA/RS-232 of any generation but perhaps
bending a few rules.

When I say EIA/RS-232x (or see others say it), I think this means a specific thing compliant to one of the 5 (?) generations of EIA/RS-232A to EIA/RS-232E.

For example, you shouldn't rightly talk about EIA/RS-232C at 115k baud, as that's not supported per the spec. However, saying RS-232 at 115k baud is better since you're not claiming 100% compliance.


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